5 Things to Keep in Mind While Renting a Limousine

Limousine Hire

Limousines are best when it comes to blending a special occasion with high end luxury.  You might not have one but renting a limousine maybe the best option to do it in style. Surfing the net or calling the local classifieds is an easy way to hire. There are lots of options available but one should be really careful and pick the vehicle that suits your occasion, budget and last but not the least your style!

Here are 5 things described by Jemima Provencal that one should keep in mind while renting a limousine to save you from any last minute hassles.

  1. EVENT: Travel blogger Jemima insist to choose a limousine depending on the occasion. The renters would charge the customer according to the event you hired it for. The list of events includes birthday celebrations, prom nights, concerts, airport transfer, city tour etc.
  2. Rate: Give the company exact details on how many hours you need limousine for, which days and at what time of the day. These details are crucial as it would decide the amount of money you will have to spend to hire the limousine.
  3. Type of Limousine: Jemima Provencal also insists that it is important to have an understanding of type of limousine you will need for the event. Choosing a limousine according to number of people travelling is important so that your guests enjoy a comfortable ride. Your guest should not be waiting or being stuffed up in one, this will only ruin the whole idea of doing it in style. There is a long list of limousine you can choose from according to your need, for instance, a 6 passenger limo, 14-22SUV Limousine for excursions, small limo bus or the classic cars etc.
  4. Discounts: Look for competitive rate by enquiring with various companies. Some companies charge less on Friday and Saturday nights, some have special rates for airport transfers and for A to B transfers. Look for best value for your money so that it suits both, your budget and the event.
  5. Features: Travel blogger Jemima also says that apart from looking into prices also look for type of experience you or you would want your guest to have. Features like music, luggage capacity, seat arrangement etc.

Last  but not the least, Jemima Provencal also insist that while hiring a limousine one should be equipped with information like the vehicle registration, insurance and proper license. Avoid companies that offer lower rates but compromise on this crucial information.